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With Cash 4 Cars Rochester it is super easy to get rid of your unwanted junk vehicle for cash in hand! It doesn't matter if your car is smashed or won’t start, if you contact us we can help get you paid! Here is how our process works:

Step 1: You Call Us at 585-482-2140
Don’t hesitate to call us! We know and understand the frustrations an unwanted vehicle can bring you and our team of junk car experts can get you an estimate in no time! Stop wasting your time and start making money with Cash 4 Cars!

Step 2: We Ask You A Few Easy Questions
Some restrictions do apply, and to screen our buying process we have to ask you a few simple questions that will help us determine if we can buy your vehicle or not.

Step 3: Computer System
Our sophisticated computer system and team of experts determines the price we can pay you for your vehicle. With the help of our computer system, we can guarantee you the most value for your unwanted junk car no matter what scrap yard you go to!

Step 4: Schedule a Meeting Time
After accepting our offer, we can schedule a time for us to pick your vehicle up! You do not have to drive your car to us! Remember, Cash 4 Cars never charges for towing.

Step 5: Cash in Hand
Upon arrival, our team will load your vehicle and pay you cash right then and there. That’s it. There is no hassle, no back and forth and NO waiting for your money. We take your unwanted car and pay you cash.

Call us today at 585-482-2140 to get started now!

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